John Deere 4250

john deere 4250

The John Deere 4250 tractor is part of the series ’50’ of JD This tractor was manufactured for a total of 6 years during the eighties, from 1983 to 1988. It took the relay of John Deere 4240 when it finished its production.

The JD 4250 is driven by a diesel engine built by John Deere. This engine is a 6 cylinder turbocharged. It uses a liquid cooling system to prevent the engine from overheating.

The motor has a lubrication system with capacity for 17 liters of motor oil. The motor is equipped with a dry-type air filter that cleans the admission, avoiding the dust and other particles to mix with the fuel in the combustion chambers. The compression ratio is 15.8: 1. This engine produces 121.7 hp (89.5 kW, 120 HP) at 2,200 RPM output power of the TDF.

As in the John Deere 4050 tractor, in the John Deere 4250 you can choose between two different gearbox configurations:

  1. The first is a complete change transmission that provides 15 gears forward and 4 backwards.
  2. The other option of gearbox is a four-ranged partial change transmission that provides you with 16 gears forward and 6 gears ago.

The maximum speed of the JD 4250 forward is 29.4 km / h. In the normal model, the rear wheels measure 18.4-38 (18.4 inches wide, 38 inches of rim diameter), while the front wheels measure 10-16 (10 inches wide, 16 inches in diameter of tire).

John Deere 4250

Without many knowing, there is a variant of JD 4250 called John Deere 4250 Hi-Crop. This tractor has a greater distance to the floor of 0.76 m (30.3 inches) than the normal 4250, which has a floor distance of only 0.4 m (15.8 inches). The Hi-Crop model has an operating weight of 6064 kg (13,369 pounds) while the normal model (2WD) has an operating weight of 6284 kg (13,855 pounds).

The JD 4250 is equipped with a power steering, differential hydraulic hydraulic damp brakes, Sound-Gard cabin or four-poles Roll-Gard ROPS (optional) and fuel tank of 246.0 liters (65 gal. US; 54.1 gal . Imp.).

Reviews John Deere 4250

They are very good tractors. I just sold an 86 ‘with 9300 hrs. In it by 27,500 with a loader 158. He never touched the engine or transmission in all those years and we had it since New. He pulled a sewer Mounted JD 7100 and a 7200 drawn. Both were 12-30. Very reliable Our power bank is around 155 HP.

The 4250 is a 4430 updated with 466 and the turbo. A wonderful tractor. Start well when it’s cold, it’s not too hard on the fuel, quite bulletproof. I have had two of them – a 12-row seeder is threesing easily. Both had more than 10,000 hours and none had been touched, in terms of motor / transmission, when I changed them. Keep the water pump changed often – maybe 3-4000 hours, since when refrigerant is released you can go into the oil.

Very impressed with the general indestructibility of the tractor despite the many hours [the clock does not work but it is estimated to be 20,000] my tractor is actually a 4240s but so I know is identical at John Deere 4250. Fewer hours. I had problems with the filter of the blocked transmission and collection after the replacement of the clutch since the old clutch material was not removed with the first oil drain and the filtrate that led to the inanition of the pump.

It is not a problem if it is known and is not ignored when the pressure falls and the power takes begins to fall, etc. There is a short-term brake reservation pressure, as I understand. The main hydraulic pump [Front] now needs repair, possibly because the oil cooler was completely blocked.

I do not remember the differences between series 40 and 50, although not many, is the same basic tractor. When I grew up on the farm we had the 30, 40 and 50 series and I can’t recall many differences apart from the 4 poles sucking compared to the cab, unless the air conditioning is not working.

The John Deere 4250 has very little electronics, although mine measures acres, distances, wheel slip, and records service intervals, but it starts and runs fine with those features turned off.The 50 series tractors, especially the low cost units, are priced very high because they are good.I also think mine is very good on fuel as it uses a little over 3 GPH pulling my JD 467 rd baler @ 6 mph doing tight 66 “tall bullets.

John Deere 4250
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