JD 4050-4055 Thoughts

JD 4050 4055 Thoughts Problems

Hello everyone, I am looking at a JD 4050-55 series 100-115 HP tractor for baling hay on 160 acres. I am very interested in used tractors for the price. The only reservation I have is the fear of buying someone else’s problems. I have found some good looking tractors with around 6,000 hours for $ 35,000- $ 40,000. Should I know the problems of these machines? Should I stay away from rebuilt transmissions and other important components? Lastly, my big concern is the life of these tractors. I reckon I’ll spend a couple hundred hours a year on it. So I would like to see a 12,000-14,000 hour life or so before a major overhaul.

The JD 50 and 55 Series Tractors are some of the best tractors that JD has put its logo on. I have a 4255 since 1993. My 4255 is approaching 11,000 hours on the stock engine, transmission and clutch. If the tractor you are looking for shows to match the speed-hour meter hours (6000), then you should be good to go, although the price that is quoted sounds a bit high. The 50 and 55 series have a small computer board, but they will start and drive with it unplugged, so no “electronic wizard” is needed to keep them running.

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