JD 4250 hessitates in reverse gears

john deere 4250 problems Problems

I have a JD 4250 with about 5600hrs and the 15sp powershift.It was used as a loader tractor for the first 2500hrs and the remaining hours in the field.When in reverse gear ….. any one of the 4, it will go then it hesitates for a second every 30ft then it goes and then it does it again.If it has a load on it or back up a hill that is very noticeable.Any ideas.I have already changed the hydraulic filters and the oil levels are correct.There are no problems in forward gears and all forward / reverse gears are shifting smoothly as always.

I suggest you stop using the tractor immediately.Then get someone who knows and has the necessary gauges and accessories to test the transmission shift and operating pressures.

If you are trying to test it yourself, keep in mind that the test ports are metric threaded, not standard ORB as many think.

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