John Deere 4250………. looking for price info and advice

John Deere 4250.......... looking for price info and advice Problems

My father is considering buying a 1986 John Deere 4250 MFWD Cab tractor with a John Deere FEL. The tractor has about 6400 hours and has been very well cared for. My father has used the tractor several times, since he partnered with the farmer who sells this tractor growing soybeans and corn. The tractor has been stored under cover, everything works including A / C and heat. I think the tractor has the quad power transmission. The rubber looks good. Overall the tractor appears to be in good shape, the owner has personally maintained maintenance or had the dealer repair or maintain anything that he was not capable of. The engine starts on the first lick and requires no ether, and will start in the winter the same with the block heater plugged in before use. The owners are asking $ 27,000. From the price range research I have done so far, this appears to be a very fair price for this tractor in this condition. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions or experiences with this line of good or bad tractors before I buy? Thanks.

Put many hours in a 4450 and a 4850. There were some improvements on the 50 series. The one I liked the most was the hydraulic outlets. Best of all, the hydraulic outlets were updated to Pioneer hitches and I prefer them to the old Deere hitches. Much easier to connect than the old Deere style.

The next improvement was the interior of the cockpit and the gauges. They went to a digital tachometer and an information center. Instead of the analog type. It gives you the best forward speed I can remember. The color tan was also chosen instead of black, in addition to a more beautiful seat and an air bladder.

Models in the quad range were also improved. Especially better than the 30 series, which were often a problem. They seem to have fixed that problem with the 40 series. We had a throttle on the 4450 and 4850. I preferred the throttle, but the Quad range was fine. The 4840 and 4850 came with standard gearshift.

The MFWD is good especially with a front loader. We have a 7510 with a loader and MFWD and it makes a world of difference.

Some of the 4250 came with smaller tires. I prefer 18-4-38 but many 4230 4240 4250 seemed to be 18-4-34. My now retired neighbor had a 4250 with MFWD and 18-4-34’s. This was the largest main small farmer tractor of him. Your MFWD front tires wear out much earlier than expected. Worn out the bars. Many of the MFWD tractors from that era seem to do that. However, it seems that today they have improved the gearing to reduce slippage.

The MFWD pays off and is a fuel-saving feature for field work. The only bad thing is that. If an inexperienced operator is hired. You worry that they will forget to lock the MFWD while traveling on a highway.

The price seems high. But that’s the way it is with John Deere. It’s twice what other brands cost. But they keep that value well. While the others go down. Deere will give you a great return regardless of age and hours.

I would ask if the tractor has had a service. I would think it should. It’s amazing how many Deere tractors have this many hours these days. 7000 seems to be the average for a clean old John Deere.

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