John Deere 4250 – What to look for when buying?

John Deere 4250 – What to look for when buying Problems

What should I look for when buying one? I think this one has the powershift transmission. This is not the prettiest, but neither am I and I keep doing my job. I don’t mind doing some spannering on the tractor as long as the price is right.

If you’ve ever had a heavy front end loader or load, check the front pivot bushings for wear.

If it’s the powershift transmission, I’d take a set of pressure gauges and check the transmission system pressure and the lubricant pressure. Easy to do and gives an indication of the condition of the seals and bushings. I have checked several for the guys before a sale.

Also look at the bolts and bushings on the front axle. A flow meter to check the main hydraulic pump would be great. That main pump can cost a bit if it’s bad.

Look at all the warning lights on the dash, they should all cycle the ignition and then go off once started and running. Those tractors are getting old enough that some of the ones left out in the open have wiring problems.

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